Workshops description

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WS2. Platreef workshop Further details on this workshop can be obtained by directly contacting the leader of the workshop
Prof J. Kinnaird (Wits)

WS3. Analytical Techniques and South African Analytical Facilities:
This workshop is aimed at highlighting and explaining important analytical techniques as well as the presentation of state of the art analytical facilities in SA. As part of this workshop 2 integrated analytical facilities will be visited.
Further details on this workshop can be obtained by directly contacting the leaders:
Dr S. Verryn
WS4. Earth Science Education in Africa: A UNESCO Initiative
About the workshop: Review of UNESCO’s African Earth Science Education Initiative during which action plan for the Initiative will be presented and will be finalized during the October Paris Event. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to discuss opportunities that are already arising as a result of this initiative, including major efforts to build international geoscience networks for students, researchers, and teachers. There will also be an opportunity to review the work done in the Initiative and to make recommendations for future progress.
Further details can be obtained by contacting the workshop leader
Mrs S. Gaines

WS5. From books to bytes – how to make the most of the services and sources offered by your library.
More details can be obtained by contacting the workshop leaders:
Dr A. van Vuren
Mrs P. Kovatcheva

WS6A. GIRAF Workshop: (combined with AEGOS and One-Geology)

GIRAF is an initiative to stimulate the adoption of appropriate information and communication technology (ICT) in the geological surveys of Africa and to help build the pan-African geoscience knowledge network. We held our inaugural meeting in Windhoek in March 2009 and attracted almost 100 geoscientists from 30 countries (26 of them African countries) and heard reports of the varying degrees of development of ICT capacity across Africa. A second meeting is planned for Tanzania later in 2011. The workshop at CAG23 is designed to raise awareness of GIRAF amongst the broader geosciences community in Africa and to collect input and ideas that could support the project’s goals. The GIRAF executive will review the scale of the task ahead based on national reports from the Windhoek meeting and highlight successes (and failures?) since then in mobilising the necessary resources and the self-help network.IMG_6220 IMG_6270

Leaders: Dr K. Asch
Prof. C. Reeves

WS6B. AEGOS (BRGM): (combined with GIRAF and One-Geology)
further information can be obtained by contacting
Dr. M. Urvois

WS6C. OneGeology: (combined with GIRAF and AEGOS)
further information can be obtained by contacting
Dr. I. Jackson
OneGeology is a global initiative of the geological surveys of the world. Its aims are to make geological map data accessible via the internet to all; exchange the know-how to enable all nations to contribute; and to improve interoperability using the web language GeoSciML. The OneGeology session will include an update on progress, how organisations can participate and register, how to use the portal, and technical information on how to provide your data to the OneGeology portal.