Excursion 1: The Limpopo Mobile Belt of Southern Africa:
The classic Limpopo Mobile Belt high-grade terrain has been studied for the last 25 years in great detail by many researchers. The Department of Geology at the University of Johannesburg has always been the frontrunner in this research. We will visit classic outcrops in the Southern marginal Zone of the Limpopo belt, including high and low temperature shear zones, type localities for mafic and metapelitic granulites, high-temperature metasomatised granitic rocks, charnockites, etc. We might also visit some localities in the Central Zone of the belt.
Duration: 4-5 days
Costs: Approximately R5500, including transport from Johannesburg and back, accommodation for three nights, breakfast, lunch and supper.
Min/Max Number of Participants: 10/20
Leader: Prof Jan-Marten Huizenga (UNW).
Co-leaders: Profs D. van Reenen . A. Smit


Excursion 2: The eastern part Bushveld Igneous Complex:
The itinerary will include:
– a stop at the basal contact of the Bushveld Complex
– traverse through part of the Lower Zone into the lower Critical Zone with LG and MG chromitites on the farm Jagdlust.
– traverse from the UG 1 to UG2 on Maandagshoek
– underground mine visit
– surface visit to the Merenky reef
– traverse through the MG chromitites south of the Steelpoort Fault to contrast with those north of the Steelpoort Fault
– visit to the Dwars River geological heritage site to look at bifurcating chromitite layers
– short traverse to look at discordant ultramafic pipes,
– stop to look at layering in the Main Zone.

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Excursion 3: The Barberton granitoid-greenstone terrain and Ancient Gneiss Complex in South Africa and Swaziland
The Barberton granitoid-greenstone terrain and Ancient Gneiss Complex in South Africa and Swaziland represent classic Archaean geological sites in which to study the nature and processes of early Earth history. Many issues pertaining to Archaean geology, such as crust-forming processes, geodynamics, Archaean atmosphere and seawater composition and the origin of life, have been or are extensively studied in these terrains. The excursion route for this trip covers prime exposures where the aforementioned main issues can be examined.

Preliminary Itinerary
Saturday 15 January:
Departure from Johannesburg at 8 am
Route Johannesburg – Badplaas – Tjakastad – Badplaas (c. 350 km)
Stay in Forever Resort Badplaas
Stop 1.1 Tjakastad water reservoir and stream section
Overview of the geology of the Onverwacht Group
3.5 Ga volcano-sedimentary sequence of the Theespruit Formation
Stop 1.2 Komati Formation at Spinifex Stream
Evening lecture: Overview of the geology and tectonic evolution of the Barberton greenstone belt; aspects on surface processes in the ArchaeanIMG_6401

Sunday 16 January
Route Badplaas – Tjakastad – Songimvelo Nature Reserve (Kromdraai Camp) – Badplaas (c. 110 km), Overnight in Forever Resort Badplaas
Stop 2.1 Komati River section, Songimvelo Nature Reserve
3.4 -3.3 Ga clastic sedimentary rocks, carbonaceous cherts and basalts of the Hooggenoeg and Kromberg Formations
Stop 2.2 3.5 Ga Steynsdorp Pluton and Theespruit Fm
Monday 17 January
Route Badplaas – Msauli – Josefsdal – Piggs Peak (c. 120 km), Overnight Piggs Peak
Stop 3.1 Josefsdal Farm, silicified basalt and chert of the Kromberg and Mendon Formations
Stop 3.2 Manzimnyama Jaspilite
Jaspilitic banded iron formation of the 3.2 Ga Fig Tree Group
Stop 3.3 Barite Valley Syncline
Barite, impact spherule layers, bedded cherts and chert dykes, contact between the Mendon Formation (Onverwacht Group) and the Fig Tree Group

Evening lecture: The Ancient Gneiss Complex in Swaziland; aspects on geodynamic processes in the Archaean