Important information about CAG23

Please note that, in order for abstracts to be printed in the abstract volume and your presentation to be included in the programme, registration to the conference, and payment of the registration fees, is required.

Those for late registration and payment, which carry extra cost, have been extended to 15th November .

If it is, for technical or bureaucratic reasons, not possible to transfer the registration fee by the deadline, you can instruct usĀ  specifically to print your abstract and include your presentation in the programme. This will then incur an abstract fee of R 150 (approximately Euro 15).
Payment is done by bank transfer to CAG23 account same as for registration fees.
FINAL date for PRE-REGISTRATION for excursions and short courses

FINAL date for EARLY registration for scientific program

Deadline for LATE registrationĀ in order for your abstract to be included in the abstract volume and considered for a presentation (see note above)
Both English and French will be used during the CAG23 (abstracts and oral & poster presentations).