Call for Papers

Nature has gifted Africa as a foremost continent in terms of its mineral and natural resources. However, it is our responsibility to ensure that the Geosciences in Africa will continue to play a part commensurate with this position, hence the Colloquium theme “Together in Africa for a leading role in Geosciences”. By understanding the geological history and geodynamic evolution of the African continent, we will contribute towards a better and deeper insight into the nature and occurrence of a wide range of natural resources (groundwater, energy resources, mineral resources, etc) that are essential not only to mankind but also to our modern society, its social well-being and the global economy.

IMG_1951In addition, the study of African geology enhances our understanding of the mitigation of a large range of natural hazards that affect society, including:

(1) seismic and seismically induced events (e.g. tsunamis);

(2) long term health risks posed by an excess or deficit of certain trace elements in soils and water, such as radon (radiological hazard), arsenic and fluorine (chemical toxicity), droughts, floods, and desertification, etc

Scientific contributions in all these aspects of geosciences are welcome with particular emphasis on new methodologies and applications to the benefit of the society.